Back in February, I finished the first draft of my WIP, Your Imperial Highness. Common advice is to spend time away from the manuscript before jumping into revisions, so that you can transition into the editing phase with fresh eyes. I’ve dutifully kept Scrivener closed the last month, and filled my free time with consuming narrative in its various forms aka watching a lot of Citrus and reading Nevernight. This has all been loads of fun, but as strange as it is to say, I miss the book. How weird is that? I feel goofy even admitting it. Who knew taking space from the MS would be so difficult? My self-imposed break ends next weekend and work on the second draft begins. Needless to say, I’m pumped.

KristoffKaufmanSpeaking of Nevernight, I drove down to Chicago to see Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman on their book tour for the Obsidio release. These Broken Stars was the best book I read last year (I adore Lilac LaRoux), and the opportunity to see them both was too exciting to pass up. Jay and Amie are awesome, hilarious people. It was great hearing them talk about their co-authoring process and creative choices while writing the Illuminae Files. They were both super generous with their time and stuck around until 11pm signing books. Their journey is inspiring (I may or may not have told Jay that I found his old AbsoluteWrite posts re: Stormdancer), and despite the car towing incident the following morning, meeting them was totally worth the trip.


Prior to starting this initial post, I read a bunch of those “How to Make the Best Blog Ever” articles. That’s generally how I roll. Learn the rules of the game, understand the methods for success, and establish a logical approach – a system that a lifetime involved in athletics and business will teach you. Effective, perhaps, and also drab. But after jamming page after page on ‘Top Lists’ and the power of niche subject matter into my head, I quickly decided that wasn’t what I wanted for this blog.

See, my favorite blogs have what I’ll call Superhero Origin Stories. They’re written by authors I admire and have front pages chock-full of photos from book tours and the covers of their latest NYT best-sellers. I love that stuff just as much as the next fan, but the best part of those sites is buried waaay at the bottom. Scroll down far enough and somewhere in tiny print you’ll find the archives – the origin stories. The Batman Begins of writers that have made the journey from obscurity to publication, and have documented all the setbacks and victories along the way. They’re raw, honest, illogical, rule-breaking, and far more inspiring than looping TED talk videos on YouTube. They’re real.

So, casual reader/spambot/person from 2025, that’s what you can expect to find here – genuine musings from a writer in progress.

Calling this my origin story is wishful on one end, pretentious on the other. But hey, I found solace while creeping through the blog depths of authors in the throes of first drafts, querying, and all the other masochistic things we budding novelists willingly (and often gleefully) put ourselves through. If you can find the same comfort and occasional commiseration while following my adventure as I did in theirs, then you can call it whatever you want.