Camp NaNoWriMo Halftime Report

This summer is flying by. When you live in a place that spends seven months of the year under the threat of snow, every warm weekend is filled with trips, weddings, rowing races, and just about anything else people want to do before Milwaukee returns to being a tundra. Although it’s been a busy few months, the writing goals haven’t changed, and I’m still laying down words in the second draft. One of my ways of staying on track is by participating in Camp NaNoWriMo.

This is my fourth time in a NaNoWriMo session (three camps and a rebellious November). I prefer the Camps for two main reasons – custom goals and the cabins. Unlike November NaNoWriMo’s 50k word grind, Camp goals can be set for words, pages, time, whatever. I’ve tinkered around with different metrics depending on where I’m at in the WIP, and though I do find myself most productive with tracking word count, I appreciate the flexibility. The Camp Cabins, which act as more of a chat room than anything else, are a great place to share ideas, commiserate, celebrate, and build a sense of community throughout the month. I’ve met some awesome people through the cabins, and the extra layer of accountability is fantastic. Plus, I’m a geek and love all the charts and graphs.

We’re halfway through July Camp, so time for a progress report. I set my goal to 12k words, since that aligns with what where Act I should wrap up in the second draft of Highness. I’m about 7k in now, so pacing along just fine. I’m fairly disciplined when it comes to writing consistently, but the nice thing about Camp is that it pushes me to crack open Scrivener everyday. I’ll still take a day or two off when I need to mentally transition through scenes, but otherwise, I’m putting new words on the page at a quicker clip than usual. The month has been fun, and I’ll be pumped to have an entirely rewritten Act I by the end of July (writing the second draft has been an experience in itself, but I’ll save that post for another day). Two weeks left to go!