Been a Minute

To say this post is overdue is far too kind. Nearly nine months have passed since I checked in, and honestly, things have been wild. Coast-to-coast travel for work and rowing in the fall, another round of heavy travel in the spring (which I remain in the thick of), way too much snow, another CampNano, our rowing team qualifying for nationals. And I got engaged! Crazy. However, while this blog’s been neglected, my silence here should not be mistaken for a lack of progress on the MS or a break from studying craft.

My last update occurred during a turning point in my process. In early September of 2018, I’d sent off the first 40k or so of Highness’s second draft to my beloved CPs. The next six months, I tackled revision based on their feedback, and man, I learned so much. Not just about what worked and what didn’t (which don’t get me wrong, is super helpful), but how to approach the story through a different lens. How to go one, two, ten levels deeper into character and perspective, how to lean into what made me both excited and uncomfortable. Heartfelt criticism can lift a manuscript, and I’m forever grateful for my friends, who are beyond wonderful and willingly spend their free time with the story. The second draft continues to be an entirely different animal from the first (t god), and at the current stage, I’m back to stripping out massive chunks of text and drafting the story anew. There’s plenty more writing to be done and changes – so, so many changes – to be made, and I’m pumped for all of it.

Amidst all the revisions and rewriting, my dear CP/favorite Aussie, Kira, and I had the grand idea to goof off and write cross-over fanfiction of our WIPs, because, well, why not? More on this later, but long story short, having a writing sandbox to play and collaborate in has been incredibly valuable. Even better when they spur totally new side projects to co-author. 🙂

So, not a ton of work on the blog, but plenty being written in other places. I’m still listening to storytelling podcasts everyday, reading (just finished A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and am currently in the middle of The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo), and trying to do at least one thing daily to develop as a writer. Staying busy and having a blast. Now, just need to update this blog again before March 2020, and things will be all good.