Happy Birthday, 88 Cups of Tea!

One of my absolute favorite podcasts, 88 Cups of Tea, is celebrating its four-year anniversary, which means I’ve got a perfect excuse to write a love letter for this awesome community.

I’m a complete sucker for interview podcasts. Intimate, one-on-on conversations are how I spend most of my day job, and I have wicked respect for people that ask good questions. Yin and her team have truly created something special with 88 Cups of Tea. In her interviews, Yin builds an atmosphere that invites meaningful conversation, and while I love technical craft advice as much as the next writer (seriously, I do, but that’ll require a separate post), it’s the deep dive into vulnerable topics that resonates the most. Storytelling brought me to the podcast, but the thoughtful dialogue on many of the topics closest to my heart — identity (especially as a queer woman of color), mental health, family, and personal definitions of success, to name a few — continue to bring me back. Layer the heartfelt essays on top, and you can’t keep me away.

The community surrounding the podcast continues to impress me. Honestly, it’s frickin awesome. There are so many different avenues to connect with other writers, and a quick scroll through the Facebook group reveals just how positive and supportive everyone is. I’ve met some incredible people, and having the podcast to bond over is so damn cool.

A quick plug for my favorite episode, since I can’t think of another three-hour, uncut conversation that I’ve found so impactful elsewhere. I had never read any of Victoria Schwab’s novels before I first listened to this interview, but it blew me away. I have so much respect and admiration for both Yin and Schwab, and this conversation truly makes you feel like you’re sitting there with them. Listen to it here.

To Yin and the entire 88 Cups of Tea crew, thanks for all that you do to keep this community running. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


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